Make-up tips every allergy and hay fever sufferer should know

Allergy sufferers rejoice – we’ve got the lowdown on how to fix your make-up when your eyes are itching and your nose is running.

Make-up and hay fever is not a match made in heaven.

With your eyes super-sensitive, even the lightest of touches can aggravate your hay fever symptoms and cause eyes to itch, irritate and water, sending your make-up running out of control.

So what do you do with your make-up when you’re one of the 25% of the population who suffers from this annoying allergy? You look to the expert!

We asked make-up artist Aimee Adams, who has worked with Elle Macpherson and Ellie Goulding, to talk through her star-quality techniques on mastering your hayfever friendly make-up.

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