George at Asda has revealed an unlikely source of fashion inspiration this season – Paddington Bear.

The fashion retailer has seen sales of Paddington Bear’s iconic duffle coat styles go through the roof.

The traditional duffle style is seeing a resurgence at and in stores across the country with sales increasing 40% this week.  The aptly named ‘Teddy Coat’ is also a George best seller, with sales up 38%.

Paddington’s classic navy and wooden toggle style is out-performing the rest across the nation with a 70% spike in sales. Celebrity fans of the navy duffle coat include Lily Allen, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift and even One Direction.

But the duffle will have to battle for wardrobe space with other coats, as almost a third of women say they own more than five styles of coat.

30% of women across the UK admit to owning more than five coat styles which they use to spruce up tired winter wear - which might help explain why there are over 3,000 searches for coats on each week.

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More than half of UK women will spend at least £50 on a new coat this season, but 53% admit to wearing the same ‘old favourite’ every day, whatever the occasion. For 20% of women, this will be a plain black coat.  It comes as no surprise that over a third of women surveyed own several coats they have never worn.

Options include a practical choice, a special occasion style, a work coat, a weekend coat and a coat for walking the dog.

Across the region, style savvy Scots are purchasing the most fashion forward collections including faux fur collared and patterned styles. Colourful coats including on-trend pastel pink, blue and cream are the most popular. 

Women in the South are smartening up their outfits with sales of classic tailored styles and elegant black coats up 900% this week as the temperature shifts. Yorkshire lasses are championing the traditional British duffle style with sales up 120% in the region since this time last week. 

An Asda spokesperson for George, commented: “We often see shoppers inspired by glamorous celebrities and catwalk trends – it’s certainly a novelty to see that Paddington Bear is the latest style icon!

“Duffle coats are a classic style that never goes out of fashion, but the latest sales show that Brits are falling in love with the duffle coat all over again this winter.”