As the cold weather continues to bite, what could be a more perfect way to relax of an evening than taking a well earned bath.

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Not only are they great for giving yourself a bit of 'me' time, but they can also cure any skin woes too, from dry and scaly to cellulite prone.

Read on to find the best bath for you...

Skin type: Mature

Just as you take precautions to anti-age the skin on your face, take the same care with the skin on your body too. A few soaks in a collagen-enriched bath soak will nourish and moisturise mature, dehydrated skin.

Pour it in: SBC Collagen Bath Soak, from £6.

Skin type: Tired, dull

Just as a minty scent peps up your senses when you have a cold or flu, it has the same effect on your skin. The cooling sensation will ramp up the circulation at the surface of the skin, giving a cheerleader-worthy perk to its appearance.

Pour it in: Lush Oil on Troubled Water, £2.50

Skin type: Bloated or cellulite

Over-indulgence can not only look painful and unsightly, but feel it too. Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson swear that bathing in Epsom salts - the magnesium sulphate-rich beauty secret that helps reduce water retention - de-puffs the skin and reduces the signs of cellulite.

Pour it in: The Eco Bath Detox Bath Salts, £9.99.

Skin type: Itchy or flaky

Whether it’s the weather, irritating fabrics or a random flare-up, sensitive, itchy skin can be absolute agony. Give your skin the support it’s craving with an oatmeal based bath, which is well known to soothe troubled skin. It can even help the effects of psoriasis and eczema too.

Pour it in: Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil, £9.89

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Skin type: Saggy

Horse chestnut is known for its toning properties and a bath in it will help recuperate any loss of elasticity. Keep your bathwater at around 37C for the best results.

Pour it inBadedas Original Indulgent Bath Gelee, £7.29

Skin type: Stressed

Whatever’s troubling your skin, your mind will no doubt be stressed too! De-stress both your body and mind with a gorgeously sumptuous bath soak.

Pour it in: Olverum Bath Oil, £29

Skin type: Blemish-prone

If you’re feeling sluggish and feel your body is in need of a little R&R, a detoxifying bath will sort you out in no time. A warm bath will open up your pores and encourage sweating, which helps to release all those nasty toxins. It can even help keep your bowels working properly.

Pour it inLux Aestiva Elysian Bohème Crystals, £40

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