She's arguably one of The Only Way Is Essex's most glamorous stars and it seems the I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here jungle was too much for Gemma Collins, who has sensationally quit the ITV show.

But before Bushtucker Trials and the Slammer, we caught up with the 33-year-old to talk fashion, fake tan and TOWIE friends.

Why did you decide to design your own clothing line?

When I went into Towie, all the other girls were being sent clothes galore and I didn't get any so I felt really left out. I thought, I have to change this for curvy girls, it’s not a nice feeling being singled out for being bigger.

What makes your collection stand out?

It's colourful, it's sexy, it's not all black and boring and when you wear it, it says “Hello, I'm sexy, I'm here, I'm curvy and I'm proud.”

What inspires you?

Everyday women inspire me, real people. I'm very down to earth and that's how I will stay. I'm not obsessed with celebrities, it's real women that struggle with weight to make them feel glam.

How do you feel when you see someone wearing one of your designs?

I always well up and then I want to scream because I'm so overwhelmed all the time when people wear them, it's like a proud feeling and also one of achievement.

Gemma Collins with TOWIE's Sam and Billie Faiers

As a proud, curvy woman, what advice can you give your fellow curvy girls?

Be confident! If you feel rubbish, you’ll give off that vibe so walk with a smile and tell yourself you’re amazing and sexy every day. Positive vibes are good and people won't even notice your weight.

What’s your party getting-ready ritual?

Always get a blow-dry and a spray tan - tanned skin makes you look slimmer. Wear a nice body cream that smells amazing and a good lip gloss.

What’s your foolproof beauty look?

Again inner confidence, that's the best tip of all!

When do you feel at your most beautiful?

When I've not been dashing about and I have time to get ready and when I'm relaxed.

What’s the key to a Towie look?

Fake lashes, tan, nails and feet painted, big hair and a big handbag. The more over the top the better!

If you could give one of your Towie co-stars the Gemma Collins makeover, who would it be and why?

All the girls are slim so my dresses wouldn't suit and in my eyes they are all gorge so I’d probably leave them to it!

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