A mum is paying the price for spending years colouring and bleaching her hair at home – after being left with a bald crown.

Kellie, a 28-year-old from Winchester, says she was “addicted” to dyeing her hair and experimenting with different hair shades.
“I think I’ve probably dyed my hair about 300 times,” she commented.

“I’ve been blonde, brown, back to blonde again – once I started it kind of got addictive.”

But years of colouring her hair has left Kellie with sparse, bald patches and thinning hair.

“I absolutely hate my hair. It’s all thinned through the crown and the fringe, which is devastating at my age, you don’t expect at 28 to have extremely thin hair. It’s just awful.”

Kellie has spent years trying to hide her bald patches, even from her friends and family.

“You’re forever wondering if people can see it, it takes over your life”, she explained.

In a bid to save her hair, Kellie has tried everything from specialist shampoos, conditioners, supplements and even hair fibre but sadly nothing has worked.

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“I’ve spent an absolute fortune and nothing actually works. I’m sick to death of having to fight my hair, I totally regret doing it.”

Since nothing else has worked, Kellie is now set to appear on the Channel 4 show Bodyshockers to discover whether her bald patch will be permanent.

In the programme, she visits hair specialist Simone Thomas who uses a nanoscope to inspect Kellie’s scalp up close and assess the damage.

Consultant Simone said: “We have seen an increase with a lot of people coming in that have got issues and that have done things at home, been using various hair products that can cause problems to the actual hair follicle and that are then coming in for correction.”

The analysis finds that Kellie’s scalp is shiny, due to a build-up of sebum which blocks any new hair that’s trying to grow and over time, the hair follicle dies off.

Luckily for Kellie, she still has hair in the follicles and is told it should all grow back after a course of treatment, which includes scalp microdermabrasion to help unblock the follicles and encourage hair growth.

She was also given a £2,000 wig to show how her hair should look once back to its crowning glory, above.

Kellie’s story will be shown on Bodyshockers on Channel 4 at 10pm on Wednesday.