Cosmetic surgery has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of rhinoplastry and breast augmentation (nose and boob jobs, respectively) – we take a look at some of the more unusual procedures being carried out today.

Sagging, flappy earlobes from years of wearing heavy, dangling earrings? Fear not, you can wear those Pat Butcher earrings again with pride thanks to ear rejuvenation, also known as ear-tox. Said to be popular with women over 40, the procedure uses dermal fillers injected into the earlobe to plump them back up.

Cinderella surgery
‘Stilettotarsal’ is a condition caused by high heels – when pain hits the soft tissue on the ball of the foot. The cure? Botox in the feet. Foot fillers have become increasingly popular among women in their 40s, with the Botox adding an extra cushion to the ball of the foot along with so-called 'Cinderella surgery', a procedure that alters the size and shape of feet to improve their appearance. Think shortening of toes, liposuction and excess bone being shaved off.

Lash and brow transplants
Thin, lacklustre brows and lashes are no longer left to beauty products to sort out but surgery. Mum of four Elizabeth Cook became the UK’s first to ever have both done at the same time last month at Manchester’s Crown Clinic. A strip of hair was taken from the back of her scalp and the individual follicles removed, with the new hair transplanted into her eyelashes and brows. The cost? £8,000!

Elizabeth Cook

Bra line back lift
Bra causing you unsightly back fat? There’s a lift for that. In the past, women have had to turn to liposuction to get rid of the rolls but now there’s a special procedure which surgically removes the rolls, leaving a scar that’ll be hidden under your bra.

Pointy ear pinning
You don’t have to be a fan of the Lord of the Rings, but it probably helps. Surgery is now available to have your ears pointed like your favourite fairy or elf for around £250.

Palm line alterations
Men and women in Japan who want to change their future are turning to palm surgery to do so. The idea is that by changing their palm lines, it’ll change their future in accordance with the ancient art of palm reading. Costing around £700, we wish it was that easy.

Fake dimples
Dubbed the Cheryl Cole effect, you can now have fake dimples put in your cheeks like the singer. Dimple Creations, who specialise in the surgery, say it only takes 20 minutes and can be performed on any cheek, chubby or not. One cheek costs £1,000, both £1,500 – so you may as well go for both!

c/o Dimple Creations

Foot facelifts
You’ve Botoxed the balls of your feet but now you want the whole area to look pretty – heck, why not give your foot a face lift? A New York surgery specialises in foot surgery, including the reduction of fat toes, shortening pinkies and making feet more narrow and elegant.

Belly button surgery
Turning your innie to an outtie is completely possible thanks to umbilicoplasty, the practice of slicing away the extra bit of the navel. We’ll leave well alone, thanks.

Sideburn transplant
Men who want the bushy fullness of Bradley Wiggins sideburns can now undergo a transplant to get them. Apparently, it makes men feel more macho…

c/o Crown Clinic

Poker face Botox
Forget cultivating your straight, poker-face. New York specialist Dr Jack Berdy has created ‘Pokertox’, a way of using Botox and face fillers to keep any signs of emotions or expression at bay. Professional poker players are apparently lapping up the treatment.