As Remembrance Day approaches many of us will be pinning poppies to the lapels of our jacket to honour the fallen soldiers from the First World War. Now there’s an alternative – poppy hijabs.

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British Muslim Tabinda-Kauser Ishaq teamed up with the Islamic Society of Britain and thinktank British Future to create the new hijab marking the century passed since the first Muslim soldier was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in the First World War.

“The idea to do a headscarf came from knowing that many Muslims generally mark Remembrance Day,” Tabinda revealed to The Telegraph.

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“We felt it wasn’t that widely known. The number of Muslim soldiers who fought in World War One was even less known. We wanted to create something that illustrated this history.”

Unbeknown to most, more than one million Indian soldiers and 400,000 Muslims stood beside the British troops to fight together in 1914 and Tabinda hoped the flowery hijab would commemorate all the soldiers lost in the war.

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But it’s not just to offer Muslims an alternate way to pay their respects on Remembrance Day, the London College of Fashion student believes it’s also just a really simple way of Muslim Brits to show their pride in being British.

There were many that loved the concept of the poppy-printed head scarf.




But there were also those who welcomed the hijab with bitter scorn, vowing the gesture is nothing but detrimental in combating Islamaphobia and discrimination.