The trick with wearing make-up well is making it look like you aren’t wearing any at all.

As you get older, bright garish colours on your eyes and lips can often highlight skin imperfections and add years to your face without you even trying.

A heavy foundation will also settle into lines, sometimes making your skin appear dry, lifeless and old before its time.
While we all know that a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare regime is the key to keeping your youthful looks intact, the products you use can also have a huge impact on how flawless you look when you’ve finished with the contents of your make-up bag.

The right consistency of primer, a liquid bronzer to lift a pale foundation, corn silk face powder to set your base, a beige eyeliner to give your eyes a youthful look and a pop of tinted lip balm are just a few of the expert tips that Aimee Adams shares with us in her make-up tutorial.

Follow her advice on contouring and see how quickly you can achieve a fresh-faced look that will have everyone marvelling at your secret!