8 of the world’s most expensive wedding dresses

If you thought the UK average wedding dress cost of nearly £2,000 was over budget, wait till you’ve seen the price tag of these extravagant gowns...

Your wedding dress should make you look and feel a million dollars.

And when the dress costs that much, you want a little more than a trip down the aisle and a glass of lukewarm Prosecco. Here's some of the most expensive wedding dresses, ever.

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The Hollywood dress

Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress for her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier III of Monaco was considered one of the most extravagant of the time.

Made with 100 yards of the finest silk with 25 yards of taffeta by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, the $8,000 price tag would cost around $68,000 (£50,000) today.

The Welsh wonder’s dress

We’d never class Catherine Zeta Jones as the most outlandish of stars but for her 2000 wedding to Michael Douglas, she wore a custom, hand-beaded Christian Lacroix gown that cost an estimated $140,000.

The Princess dress

Although it’s hard to put a price on such an extravagantly iconic dress, Princess Diana’s silk creation was reported to cost $115,000. The whole world watched with baited breath to see what Princess Diana wore down the aisle in 1981 and the silk and taffeta dress was as of the time as a dress could be. It’s still considered one of the most iconic ever.

The billionaire bride gown

When model Melanie Knauss married Donald Trump in 2005, she did so in style – wearing a £118,000 dress that her husband-to-be is rumoured to have designed. The gown is said to have weighed 50lb with a 13ft train.

The Platinum Dress

Created by Mauro Adami in 2008, this £240,000 luxurious wedding dress is made up of nearly 132ft of platinum-coloured fabric and sewn with silk and platinum thread. You wouldn’t want to spill your Champagne down that one.

The modern-day fairytale dress

The Duchess of Cambridge lived out every little girl’s fantasy when she transformed from one of us to bona-fide royalty in the royal wedding to end all celebrations.

Kate’s transformation wasn’t complete without a stunning dress and she didn’t disappoint in her bespoke Alexander McQueen gown – coming in at an eye-watering £250,000.

The White Gold Diamond Dress

Designed by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura – known as the Missionary of Bridal – the White Gold Diamond Dress is valued at an unbelievable $8.5 million (£5 million).

Boasting a five-carat gold diamond and 1,000 pearls, this poor dress is yet to find a bride wealthy enough to buy it.

The world's most expensive dress

Taking the top spot as the world’s most expensive is a £7.4 million diamond-encrusted creation designed by Martin Katz Jewellers and Renee Strauss.

Adorned with 150 carats worth of diamonds, it was created for a bridal show in 2006. Rumour has it it’s still for sale...