Michelle Keegan is showing that there is life after Corrie by teaming up with high street store Lipsy to launch her debut fashion collection.

The new collection, which Michelle has designed herself, will hit stores in July.

While we’re not disputing that Michelle has great style, we can’t help but hope she lets her on-screen character Tina’s fashion sense spill into the collection.

If it did, here are the five essential pieces no Tina McIntyre-inspired collection should be without. We'll miss you, Tina.

A coat for every season
Tina loves a good jacket – it must be something to do with being up north. She’s been favouring a cropped leather jacket of late but who can forget the great parka of January, the feather-trimmed pleather of November or the cream-belted coat of 2013? Whatever the weather, Tina’s got a coat for that.

Big, brash hoops
Tina and her gold hoops go together like a horse and carriage; where one goes, the other follows. Michelle herself is said to be “glad to see the back of them” following her Corrie exit but if her collection doesn’t include a pair, we think she’s missing a trashy trick.

Skinny jeans
On the odd occasion, Tina will change out of her trademark skinny jeans into a dress or skirt but more often than not, our favourite barmaid is clad in a pair of tight denims. Tina loves them in every colour and her range could follow suit – blue, black, green, peach…

Hair doughnut
Since most of us aren’t blessed with Michelle Keegan’s long locks, we’d have to cheat our way to Tina’s trademark top knot. She likes to wear it a little loose so the hair accessory – used to pile your hair on top of your head – would need to come with special instructions.

Funky phone covers
Tina and her phone are glued together, so how about a Peter Barlow-themed cover? Just don’t let Carla see it…