We all love a tipple from time to time and apart from the hangover and raging thirst experienced the morning after, have you ever considered what effect it’s having on your skin?

With the festive party season about to be in full swing, it’s about time you considered the effects of booze on your body. So put down the Bailey's and see what that cheeky G&T is doing to your face...

It dries out skin
Alcohol does to the skin what it does to the inside of the body – it dehydrates, leaving you with nothing by bloating and redness.

It causes your kidneys to work overtime and take excess water away from your system, sending it to your bladder instead of your vital organs. And since your skin is the largest organ in your body, it gets the most damage.

It ages you – instantly
Dry skin is much more likely to wrinkle than hydrated, plump skin and unless you’re replacing that lost water, the problem will keep getting worse. Yes, that bottle of Merlot you and your husband polished off the other night could be to blame for that new wrinkle!

It dulls skin
A glowing, radiant complexion is the picture of health. Dull skin isn’t. And yes, you’ve got alcohol to thank for a greying, sallow complexion.

Alcohol steals Vitamin A from the body, an essential vitamin for cell renewal. Without it, you’re left with nothing but old, dried up cells.

It encourages rosacea
Alcohol can cause existing conditions, like rosacea, to become worse. Even if you only have a very mild case of it, the more alcohol you drink, the more likely it is for those unsightly red patches to flare up.

Alcohol increases your blood flow and at worse, can cause blood capillaries to burst, causing permanent damage – think the stereotypical drunk’s nose.

What alcohol does to the skin

While all kinds of alcohol will dehydrate your skin, some drinks cause more damage than others.  How do your favourite tipples measure up? Read on to see which drinks have the best – and worst – effect on your skin:

Red wine – Packed with antioxidants, it can actually support the skin and even diminish the signs of ageing. But if you suffer from rosacea, steer clear – it’s known to cause it to flare up.

White wine – With no nutritional value, unlike its red sister, white wine contains both salt and sugar, causing swollen skin and bloating.

Beer – Beer is said to be both good and bad for skin. While it does contain salt (which dries out the skin) it is said to contain antioxidants too.

Vodka – Diet-fiends will know to reach for the clear liquids as they contain no extra salt or sugar. Add a sugar-free mixer to keep it so.

Cocktails – A fruity cocktail is a weakness for many as they not only taste delicious, but look pretty too. But they’re not so pretty when you consider that most cocktails contain a high amount of sugar, leading to inflammation, ageing and adult spots.

Make them a treat, not a tradition.