Style experts often categorise a woman’s body shape by the fruit it resembles – such as apple or pear – and now we’re moving to a new food group: vegetables.

Women’s legs and calves resemble one of five vegetable shapes – dubbed ‘legetables’ – according to a new study by JD Williams carried out to help women find perfectly fitting winter boots.

The legetables range from muscly aubergines through slim carrots and parsnips to sweet potato cankles and flabby marrows.

Every year, women struggle to find the right fit and end up with health problems from wearing winter boots that are too tight.

Kaser Nazir, consultant podiatric surgeon at The London Foot Clinic says that wearing the wrong boots can lead to varicose veins and joint pains.

“Wearing  boots  that  are too tight restricts ankle movement when walking, and  also  restricts  vascular return, which is the blood flow back to your heart  via  the  veins  in  your  legs,” he said.

“This can lead to varicose veins and swollen ankles.  You  are  also at risk of hip, knee and back pain due to changes in the way you walk, as there is no absorption of impact, which adds extra stresses onto these joints."

According to the survey, 41% of women in their fifties and over are unhappy with their legs, with some resorting to drastic calf-slimming cosmetic treatments like calf Botox.

JD Williams said the current ‘one size fits all’ approach to boots on the high street has meant that many women miss out on wearing styles they love, or end up wearing them anyway, despite the pain.

The online retailer offers a made to measure footwear service, with five different calf circumferences, up to 608mm, the widest knee-high boot available on the high street.

A spokesperson from JD Williams added: “While some high street retailers  provide  curvy-calved  ladies  with  boots that have stretchy or elastic  side  panels,  they  don’t  actually  cater  specifically for wide calves,  and  consequently the boots can pinch, tear or simply refuse to do up.  

“Women should have options regardless of their  size,  and  if  it  means  they  don’t  have  to  resort to cosmetic procedures then all the better.”

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