A spa in Chicago is taking the term baby soft skin to a whole new level – with a breast milk facial.

Mud, a newly opened facial bar, offers a breast milk add-on for £6.70 to their ‘Breathe’ facial, designed for sensitive skin.

Breast milk is said to have healing qualities that can leave skin soothed and looking clearer, thanks to its lauric acid – a great ingredient for sorting a range of skin conditions including acne and eczema.

Founder Shama Patel told local news channel FOX 32 that she was inspired by online forums which recommended breast milk as a treatment for bad skin.

"There are so many mommy blogs out there that talk about using breast milk to basically help with skin conditions, I really wanted to come up with something that is quick, effective, that appealed to the urban city girl,” she said.

“Breast milk has certain antibodies that smooth and re-texturize the skin better than cow’s milk can,” she added.

The breast milk is donated by local mothers who eat organic, are mostly vegan and registered with a certified milk bank, so the mothers are screened for diseases.

But what do skincare experts think? Amie Biller, Head of Training at cult French beauty brand Biologique Recherche said:

“Colostrum is one of these special key ingredients that runs through a lot of our creams.

“It is the first milk produced by every mammal (and human) after the birth of its young that is transferred from mother to her new born; it is the nutrition that is required for complete health, development and it boosts and educates the immune system.  It contains a unique complex of growth factors which are extremely beneficial for cellular growth improving skin thickness and elasticity.

“With knowing all there is to know about Colostrum, this ingredient becomes very powerful when used within skincare products and allows for intense hydration as well as protection, repairing and regenerating.

“Colostrum is key to preventing premature ageing.”

This isn’t the weirdest thing breast milk has been used for. In 2011, Covent Garden store Icecreamists offered Baby Gaga, an ice cream churned with breast milk from a local mother. The dessert was served with a rusk and optional shot of Calpol or Bonjela.

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