She’s known for her love of slinky, tight dresses but Carol Vorderman has decided to give up her sexy frocks all in the name of charity.

The former Countdown presenter is set to raise £100,000 for a good cause by selling 120 of her favourite dresses, tops and shoes.

Carol, 53, has decided to de-clutter her wardrobe and donate them to Hardly Ever Worn It – a second hand website that sells designer goods at a fraction of their original price.

Some of Carol's dresses for sale

Fans and fashionistas alike can snap up one of Carol’s bargains to help raise funds for Clapa – the Cleft Lip and Palate Association, of which Carol is a patron.

“My brother was born with a severe form of cleft lip and palate and I’ve seen him suffer over the years,” says Carol.

“Things have improved massively since the 1950s when he was born but families need support over many years. The results for children born with cleft nowadays are superb but it isn’t a quick fix and the families really appreciate the work Clapa does.

“I’ve been on telly for so many years and obviously worn hundreds and hundreds of outfits as that is part of the job,” Carol comments.

“For the last 10 years I’ve moved around houses a lot and so most of the things ended up in storage somewhere or other and I’ve just had a couple of Argos canvas wardrobes full of my favourites crammed in.”

Among the items for sale is a floor-length gold gown from Michael Kors, a red Alexander McQueen dress and a white Celine trench coat.

The Roland Mouret red dress worn by Carol on her last ever episode of Countdown  - which she also wore to the Pride of Britain awards - is also up for auction, with a start price of £190.

The Loose Women presenter also admits that her fashion tastes have changed since she decided to embark upon the challenge of flying solo around the world next year - and those tight-fitting Roland Mouret dresses aren’t really practical or comfortable for the cockpit.

“The reality of my life is that I live in Bristol and dress very casually here. It makes me happy. We don’t have paparazzi on the doorstep so nobody ever sees that side of me publicly which seems funny to all my friends and my family as that is how they know me, rather than the tight dresses and all the London garb.

“So when I’m in London and obviously when I’m on a red carpet I dress up because that is what is expected but I started looking at the racks of clothes I still have, even after the huge de-clutter of last year, and thought it was pointless and unnecessary keeping all of these things. 

“My life has changed again since then and I spend most days flying our little plane around which means I have to wear flat shoes which are essential for safety when your feet are on the rudder pedals and trousers. 

“I fly a plane with a central control column or joystick and believe me, you can’t wear a dress with that between your legs so it’s trousers or shorts all the way for now.  Also airfields are windy places generally - that’s why they are positioned where they are, for wind to help with landing and take offs - so plenty of jumpers and waterproof jackets with hoods - no room for fancy hairstyles in a plane. It isn’t like travelling business with British Airways and no trolley service either!”

Carol’s dresses are being sold on, where users can bid for their favourite pieces with the highest price winning the item.