Well-dressed dogs can now look as fashionable as their owners after one company started selling replica handbags for hounds.

Yes, the latest craze to hit the doggy world is for pampered pooches to carry a mini version of their owners’ designer bags.


Thought up by luxury accessories retailer Forzieri, the idea is that if you buy one of their designer handbags, you can order a smaller version – a ‘pawbag’ - for your beloved pet.


Well they do need to carry their Bonios and poo-bags somewhere…

Prices start from £301 a pair and are available from veryfirstto.com.


And if you own a Labrador, you’re in luck – the Lab has been named as the most fashionable breed in the world thanks to stylish owners like Mary-Kate Olsen and Kendal Jenner.

Other breeds named in the fashion top 10 by Forziere include Dalmations and Yorkshire terriers, with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, below, rated the least fashionable.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier