It’s 36 years since Olivia Newton John donned a scene-stealing leather catsuit in Grease, but this week the actress showed that you’re never too old to rock a pair of leather trousers.

Olivia Newton John drives through Las Vegas

The 65-year-old actress slipped even further back into Sandy-mode as she rode the exact Ford Mercury Cadillac from the movie’s famous drag-racing scene through the streets of Las Vegas.

A still from Grease

Her leathers were admittedly a little looser than the ones her alter-ego wore in the finale of the 1978 movie, but that’s why they worked so well - a slimmer, rather than a skinny leg, is far more flattering to all figures.

Dressing leather down also doesn’t mean it isn’t smart. As Olivia shows, a white shirt, boyfriend-fit blazer and edgy boots are a winning combination.

If Olivia’s trousers are still a bit on the snug side for you, try peg shapes or tapered hems which by nature are slightly looser.

A word of warning though – since a pair of leather trousers is quite a statement in itself, play it safe in black or dark brown. Sorbet shades are great for 20-somethings but can look a little saccharine while camel veers dangerously into flesh-coloured territory.

Carol Vorderman

And the one colour we should all avoid, regardless of age, is red. Unfortunately, Carol Vorderman’s skin-tight leather leggings and matching red shoes are more The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’s Mr Tumnus than flattering fashion.