Removing glitter nail polish the easy way

We love a dramatically dark or sparkly nail, but have you ever tried to remove it? We’ve got the three tricks that’ll clear your nails in no time.
  • Removing glitter nail polish the easy way
    Carla Challis
    Last updated: 20 November 2013, 15:41 GMT

    Spring may be a time of pastels and sorbet shades, summer an explosion of rainbow brights but when it comes to winter and your nails, we can’t help but default back to our favourite shades – deep, sultry rouge noir or festive glitter.

    But boy are they a pain to remove. Glitter seems to stick like glue while dark colours tend to stain our nails, not to mention the skin around them.

    Take the pain out of removing your favourite festive shades with this easy trick.

    You’ll need: nail polish remover, cotton wool pads, tin foil, elastic bands and cuticle oil.

    1. Start by applying cuticle oil to each of your nail beds. This stops the nail colour staining your skin.

    2. Take small cotton wool pads or tear larger ones up into small sizes and soak each piece in nail varnish remover.

    3. Wrap the pieces around each finger. On top of that, wrap tin foil and secure with an elastic band.

    4. Leave to soak for around five minutes. Slide the tin foil and cotton wool off each finger, along the nail so as to pull the varnish off.

    5. Et voila - clear and stain-free nails!

    Visit our gallery to see our 10 favourite festive nail shades to wear now.

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    Carla Challis
    Last updated: 20 November 2013, 15:41 GMT

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