Samantha Fox might not seem like your average style icon but boy, has she turned a few heads in her time.

And as the songstress joins Christopher Biggins,  2016 Celebrity Big Brother house, let's see what fashion tricks we can learn from her.

Let your style stand out

Samantha’s infamous Brits hosting gig saw her teamed with Mick Fleetwood, who was a good foot taller than the diminutive Sammy. Not to be outdone, she made sure she stood out with bright, neon hair. If you’re not prepared to make quite the commitment, try a temporary version.

We love Fudge’s Urban Hair Chalk, £5.99.

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Always add an accessory

Who needs diamonds and pearls when you’ve got an inflatable dolphin? As Sam proves, the quirkier the accessory the better. Just don’t team it with anything spiky…

Keep ‘em guessing

Keep your friends on their stylish toes by switching your look. Just when you thought you had Sam’s style pegged as super sexy, she goes and covers up in a suit. We particularly like the hat.

Co-ordinate with friends


Summer is the prime time to indulge in fancy dress – that’s both as a character and in clothes that are fancy. Give your friendship group a theme to stick to, it’s much more fun. And if you're going to a festival, do take your sequins; nothing looks as good with a pair of wellies.

Own it

At the end of the day, whatever you wear the only way you’ll look stylish is if you’re comfortable and confident. Take a slice of Sam’s advice and own it, pink fringed metallic dress and all.

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