9 alternatives to the classic gin and tonic

Never tire of the classic cocktail? We dare you to transform the way you treat your favourite gin.

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Last updated: 23 June 2018 - 9.01am

Despite originating in Holland, gin is hugely cherished by the British nation. People have written poems about it, sung songs about it and named their children after it, but we think that the liqueur is due a shake up.

Here’s 10 ways to revitalise your love affair with gin…

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1. The Gin and Tonic Madeira Cake

Great British Bake Off has rocked our world once again by opening our tiny minds to the possibility of an alcoholic cakey masterpiece. Two worlds collide as butter and spirit blend to create the world’s most guilt-inducing dessert. Je regrette? Not a single bit.

2. The Gin Bloody Mary

Curing the world of hangovers since its conception in 1930′s New York, the Bloody Mary deserves its place as one of Britain’s favourite cocktails. This is not to say that it cannot be adapted, improved, brought into the ginosphere by simply replacing its alcoholic base. We call it the Bloody Gary and it’s bloody brilliant.

3. The Gin Soaked Fruit Salad

In the health-obsessed society we live in it is important to incorporate gin into your daily portion of fruit, or all five of them. Chop fruit into a bowl (we recommend melon as a top soaker) and leave it to bathe in a pool of gin in the fridge. Eat it on the bus, eat it at work, eat it for breakfast – ignorant of your dish’s poison, people will simply praise you for your lifestyle choices. Evil genius, we know.

4. Gin Chutney

Cranberry chutney.
(Matthew Mead/AP)

It is what Tom is to Jerry, what Simon is to Garfunkel, and what strawberries are to cream; gin chutney and a cracker is one of history’s finest pairings. Both the Gin and the process is “sloe”, (sorry, had to be done), but good Lord is it worth the wait once that lonely, lonely cracker finds its mate for life.

5. Gin Jelly (Gelly)

Jelly’s evil twin, Gelly could not be further from the wibble-wobble-on-a-plate accompaniment to cold school dinners. Mix things up with colourings, shapes and accompaniments, or simply shot it for optimum gcpm – (gin consumption per minute).

6. Gin Ice Cream

Nothing screams summer cool down like a gin ice cream in a cone. We only assume that creating it is a complicated process of mixing gin, ice and cream. If that’s too complex however, then whip up a gin and tonic and throw in a dollop of the good stuff. Sprinkles, sauces and chocolate flakes are hugely encouraged or add no.5 for a Gelly and Ice Cream bonanza!

7. Gin Chocolate Truffle

Rum truffle? Who wants a rum truffle? Why would you insult us by even offering us a rum truffle?! If you’re going to truffle your chocolate, truffle it up with gin…obviously. By pouring gin and butter into whipped chocolate and leaving it to set overnight you are creating a confection so deadly that we recommend handling with serious caution. Use to make friends, lovers, and enemies by fault of jealousy.

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8. A Cuppa Gin-gin-ginger

*Fact of the day* – 1731 saw one of London’s coldest winters. Gin tents were set up along the frozen River Thames selling a hot cup of gin with gingerbread at a pittance of a price. We’ve revamped this British tradition by combining the elements that kept our nation warm. Dip a ginger-fella in a hot cup of gin to warm your cockles like your forefathers.

9. The Gin Juice

Can’t be faffed with Snoop Doggy Dog’s Gin and Juice? Combine the two! We are a nation of juicers so this process will be no stranger to many. Kale, Kiwi, Bovril or Banana, throw any ingredients in a juicer with a splash of gin and voilaaa, you have breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted.

To all the gin-lovers out there, we salute you. Consume your poison with pride and chant with us in harmony: “Forgive us Father for we have ginned.”

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