6 of the best wines to pair with your favourite pie

For British Pie Week (March 6-12), we pair wines with pies to bring out the best of savoury fillings.

Pies, pies, pies.

Whether it's a light flaky puff or a perfect buttery crust, rolling out the dough and celebrating British Pie Week (March 6 to 12) is a marvellous excuse to partner your pastry with a delicious glass of vino.

A much-loved British classic, even if your dreams of baking something better than you can buy are 'pie in the sky', what's not to love about tucking into some warm and comforting food in the twilight days of winter?

But lest not forget the glazed pastry casing of a posh pork pie, or a crimped Cornish pasty for that matter.

To underpin the flavours and have your fill, here's what to sip with your slice...

1. Chicken and mushroom pie

For white meat in a creamy sauce, try a lightly oaked chardonnay such as Parker Williams Vineyard Chardonnay 2016, Coonawarra, Australia.

This sleek white from one of the region's top estates has classic aromas and flavours of citrus, ripe pear and peach with a flick of vanilla and a lengthy finish - balanced, bright and full of verve.

2. Steak and kidney pie

A versatile red from northern Italy, Truly Irresistible Barbera D'Asti 2012, Italy, deftly mixes rich black cherry notes with ripe plums and spice that contrasts well against an earthy, savoury forest floor.

An unbeatable price and match with the meaty gravy of the sauce.

3. Beef, mushroom and red wine pie

A real crowd pleaser, once you've tasted Mount Rozier The Beekeeper Merlot 2015, South Africa, there might be just enough left over to make the sauce.

A rich, smooth, fruity red that pulls all the right taste-strings, plummy dark fruits are laced with smoke and spice.

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4. Slow cooked lamb pie

To discover the Jumilla wine route in south east Spain, try El Mayoral Monastrell Petit Verdot, Jumilla, Spain.

A blend of monastrell and petit verdot grapes, it offers sun-drenched cherry fruits with hints of blackberries steeped in liquorice and spice.

Whether you're a novice wine drinker or connoisseur, there's enough depth to be interesting.

5. Cheese and onion or vegetarian pie

If you want the wine to do the talking and pump up the veggie goodness in a simple supper, Carignan Terre d'Ardoise 2013, France, is a rustic red from the Languedoc-Roussillon made from gnarled old carignan vines.

The ripe summer berry aromas and dark brambly fruits are knitted together with liquorice, fennel and firm tannins for a rich character.

6. Cold meat pies

A delicious food friendly red that bears the restaurant's name, Cantina Siciliana 2015, Italy, is soft and mouth filling and balances generous black cherry and raspberry fruits with sweet spice and black pepper, ending with a black olive note on the juicy finish.

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