Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly?

Well, it turns out rather a lot of us in Great Britain like a glass of Prosecco, so much so, according to data from The Consortium for the protection of Prosecco DOC – the official body for the wine – Brits have consumed more than 36% of all Prosecco wine produced last year – that’s 112.7 million bottles.


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And on World Prosecco Day (August 13th), here are some facts, figures and thoughts on why we love the sparkling Italian wine…

1. Firstly, it’s far easier to come across an affordable bottle of Prosecco than it is a bottle of champagne – and who can really tell the difference anyway?!

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2. As a result, Prosecco is perfect for any occasion, be it birthday celebrations, picnics in the park or just a Tuesday night after a long day at work…

3. Compared to our 36% consumption of Prosecco, the US only drinks 19% of Prosecco stores, while Germany quaffs 12%. Even the Italians only drink 25% of their own Prosecco!

4. It goes with anything! From fresh fish, to barbecues, to fancy Michelin starred dishes, to a bag of crisps! To be fair, Prosecco goes perfectly well with just itself too.

5. Not sure if that bottle you’ve picked up in the corner shop is ‘real’? Only bottles marked with the DOC seal can be official considered Prosecco.

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6. Last year was a bumper year for Prosecco harvesting, which meant 3.55 million hectoliters of Prosecco was produced – we can’t work out how many bottles that equates to, but it’s a lot!


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7. The Prosecco industry is worth an estimated 1.9 billion Euros… we knew we should have started our own Prosecco vineyard…

8. It’s perfect mixed with other beverages for fun and sparkling cocktails. Cheat’s mimosa anyone?

9. Prosecco makes the perfect housewarming/anniversary/birthday present – and if you turn up with it chilled, you’re bound to get a sip of it too!