New research suggest that the bigger our glass, the more we’re likely to drink.

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However, many of us also tend to reach for any glass available once a bottle of wine has been opened. But there is, in fact, an art and a science to picking the right stemware for the right drink.

Here’s what you should be drinking from what glass:

Red and white wine

For these standard favourites, you want the largest wine glass you can find so the booze can breathe. Sam Wylie-Harris, Press Association’s drinks editor notes: “The wider the opening of the glass, the better – it gives the wine space for the aromas to develop.”


Sure, they can look fantastic in flutes, coupes and Martini glasses, but at the moment, serving them in jars is the thing to do. You’ll get more to drink, and more space to garnish – so you won’t have any complaints.


Instead of trying to squeeze sherry into finicky little thimbles, serve it in a simple wine glass.

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Go medieval next time you offer your guests a pint, and serve them beer in a tankard – glass or pewter. You’ll win top marks for drama.


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It’s time to ditch your beautiful flutes, as “they compress the flavours and the aromas of the wine”, explains Sam. Instead, hand out Champagne in a large tulip glass – the bubbles will taste far better for it.


Go classic and pour a finger or two of whisky into short rock glasses, or a short tulip glass.

Sparkling rosé

No longer is rosé frowned upon; so be proud and drink it from a giant, yet sophisticated, balloon glass.


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Gin and tonic

Pour your gin and tonic into a Spanish-style glass (likely to look very much like a balloon glass), and top up with lots of ice.

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A Christmas favourite, port can go in practically any glass, although a small wine glass is preferable – and serve it slightly chilled.