If there’s one time of the year soup was invented for, it’s winter.

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It’s comforting on a chilly day as well as being waistline friendly (usually).

Find your new favourite soup with these recipes, guaranteed  to help warm you up through the cold weather.

1. Cauliflower cheese soup


Make the transition period between Christmas and January less painful with this British festive side dish soup recipe.

2. Thai pea soup


For something with a hint of spice, try this way more exciting take on pea soup. With notes of lemongrass and lime, this recipe will really impress your dinner guests.

3. Tuscan pasta and bean soup


Rich with tomatoes, rosemary and parmesan, this hearty recipe takes all the hassle out of cooking.

4. Hot and sour soup with pork and prawn dumplings


Over to South American now, this recipe by Andy Bates is inspired by Brazilian street food. Dumplings are easier to make than you might think and the broth is packed with flavour.

5. Beetroot and thyme soup


Don’t be put off by the bright colour, it’s all healthy stuff. This recipe is perfect for a January detox.

6. Spicy Caribbean vegetable soup


This hearty recipe is a filling meal on its own. Packed with sweet potato, black eyed beans, vegetables and coconut, it’s super easy to make.

7. Vietnamese chicken and broccoli noodle soup


Try this fresh recipe with tenderstem broccoli, chicken and vermicelli noodles.

8. Tom yum mackerel soup


Mackerel is a great choice of fish to get into this January. It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Do something different with the superfood with this Loa-inspired tom yum recipe.

9. Thai meatball soup


This meaty recipe is packed with fresh Thai ingredients, rice noodles, green beans, spring onions, coriander and mint, in a hot and sour soup.

10. Classic watercress soup


Keep on the straight and narrow this January with this diet-friendly, British grown watercress soup. The thick creamy recipe is comforting on a cold day without tempting you off the wagon.

11. Malaysian prawn noodle soup


This laksa recipe is packed with ginger, lemongrass and chilli. Perfect if you’ve got the winter sniffles.