3 healthier homemade ice lolly recipes to cool off with this summer

Need to cool down? Don’t just grab whatever’s left in the ice cream section of the freezer aisle - make your own healthier, tastier lollies at home instead.

You can’t beat an icy Calippo or a nutty Feast on a balmy day, and who can turn down a Mr Whippy whenever the sing-song racket of the ice cream van turns up on a summer evening? After all, July is officially National Ice Cream Month, so it would be rude to say no.

However, it is much cheaper and more satisfying to keep cool and hydrated in the hot weather by creating your own ice lollies from scratch at home.

To get started, all you need is freezer space, lolly moulds and flavour ideas, and for those you can go classic with fruit juice and lemonade from the fridge or go all-out and take inspiration from the experts...

Full of flavour

A new book, Ice Kitchen: 50 Lolly Recipes, has been written by North London ice lolly aficionados Cesar and Nadia Roden.

The nephew-and-aunt duo from New York began making and selling gourmet artisan ice lollies in 2013, promising “the very best, fresh natural ingredients with no artificial anything”.

That means their lollies contain no additives, no colourings and lots and lots of fresh fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, so these treats are actually quite good for you – compared to a double choc ice with caramel source, anyway.

Ice Kitchen’s range features classic flavours like orange and lemon and strawberries and cream, but also branches out to include wackier combinations like cucumber and lime, apricot and pistachio and frozen mojito.

Cesar and Nadia have shared three punchy, colourful recipes with us for you to try out at home. Now all we need is another heatwave.

These recipes make 8-10 lollies per batch in 70ml moulds. When filling your lolly moulds, remember to leave 5mm at the top to allow the mixture to expand when it freezes.

Ruby grapefruit and Campari

125ml water
110g granulated sugar
600ml fresh ruby red grapefruit juice (from about 4 grapefruits)
75ml Campari

Put the water and sugar in a small saucepan and simmer until the sugar dissolves.

Add the grapefruit juice and Campari and mix well.

Pour the mixture into your ice-lolly moulds, insert the lolly sticks and freeze.

Blueberry and yoghurt

300g blueberries
75ml water plus another 2 tbsp
65g granulated sugar
500g Greek yoghurt
8tbsp runny honey
3tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

Put the blueberries, 75ml water and sugar in a saucepan and simmer over a low heat until the blueberries burst.

Remove the pan from the heat and set aside.

Mix the yoghurt, honey, lemon juice and 2tbsp of water in a bowl.

Spoon alternate layers of the yoghurt and blueberry mixtures into each ice-lolly mould, insert the lolly sticks and freeze.

Raspberry and lime

210g granulated sugar
Zest of 1 lime
300ml water
500g raspberries, rinsed
2–3 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

Put the sugar, lime zest and 100ml of water in a small saucepan and simmer until the sugar has dissolved into a syrup.

Blitz the raspberries, lime syrup and remaining water to a purée using a food processor.

Add the lime juice – 2tbsp at first, add more to taste.
Pour the mixture into your ice-lolly moulds, insert the lolly sticks and freeze.

Photo credits: Adam Slama

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