It’s August. The Bank Holiday is on its way. The weather will undoubtedly be rubbish, but don’t let that get in the way of a good old British BBQ.

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Grab a gazebo to provide shelter from the rain, fire up those flames and get grilling some of these stunning high street buys. Delicious in all weathers.

1. Pork rib rack, £6, M&S

Pork ribs, from Marks & Spencer

Properly impressive on the barbecue and finished off with a deliciously sweet and sticky pomegranate and chilli glaze.

2. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, £2,50, Waitrose

Cauliflower Bites for the BBQ, from Waitrose

Impress any vegetarians in your crew by serving up these crispy cauliflower delights in a spicy dressing.

3. Eden Mega Burgers, £6 for four, Ocado

Burgers from OCado

As the name suggests, these burgers are pretty mega. Slide them into a brioche bun and slather with smoky ketchup, crisp lettuce and crunchy relish for sink-your-teeth-in perfection.

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4. Minted Lamb Kebabs, £4, Tesco

Linted lamb kebabs from tesco

We all love a kebab, and ones lovingly grilled on coals in your backyard taste so much better than any takeaway, we promise.

5. Salmon Courgette Koftas, £5, M&S

Salmon Courgette Koftas, from M&S

Now you’re just showing off. Anyone lucky enough to be offered one of these salmon and trout koftas (with courgettes, currents and cumin, no less) at a Bank Holiday BBQ is very special indeed.

6. Sweet Potato Burgers with Harissa, £3, Waitrose

Sweet potato burgers from Waitrose

Another favourite with the veggies, sweet potatoes make for a great burger, with or without the bun.

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7. Pops Pimm’s Ice Popsicle, £5.99 for three, Ocado

Pops Pimm's ice popsicle

OK, so this one can’t actually go on the grill, but it’s the perfect partner – Pimm’s in a popsicle. Slurp.