One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This couldn’t be more true of haggis.

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Scotland’s most notorious dish is divisive but, for those who love it, there is plenty you can do with it. If you want to impress your friends and family this Burns Night, why not try one of these?

1. Haggis stack


In the mood for something traditional but a little bit fancier than your average haggis?

Why not layer it with some mashed neeps and tatties and some asparagus and bacon to garnish?

2. Haggis pie


For something a little more homely, Delia's got you covered.

This tasty haggis variation on shepherd's pie is the perfect winter warmer for a Burns Night feast.

3. Haggis sausage rolls


Cooking for Burns Night but not in charge of the main? These haggis sausage rolls are for you. Light and spicy, these bitesize appetizers will go down a hit at any party.

4. Vegan haggis


Got loads of guests and not sure of everyone's dietary requirements?

Use it as a chance to impress and try out this delicious, vegan take on the Scottish delicacy.

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5. Chicken stuffed with haggis


For the more adventurous chefs in the kitchen, this meaty combination might prove the ideal challenge.

Mixing chicken and haggis with a rich, creamy, whisky sauce, it couldn't be more suited to Burns Night celebrations.

6. Haggis, scallops and fried pear


Yes, you did read that correctly.

The salty flavour of haggis and the sweetness of fried pear complement scallops better than anything else.

Treat a loved one to this dish on January 25.

7. Haggis and oatcake canapés


In a rush?

These quick, easy to make starters are ideal.

Oatcakes make for a scrumptious base to haggis and the carrots julienne gives each canapé some much needed zest.

8. Haggis samosas


Samosas are so versatile.

They're light enough to act as a starter but filling enough to form part of a main.

Whatever you're cooking this Burns Night, be sure to consider adding these to your menu.

9. Haggis croquettes


Need something for the kids?

Croquettes are a must. Too often children will turn their nose up at the thought of haggis.

If you make haggis croquettes though, even the fussiest of them will be forced to reconsider their aversion and surrender themselves to this fine delicacy.

What’s your favourite way to eat haggis? Tell us in the comments box below