British Tomato Week: 9 ways to use them you might not have thought of

Tomato is a versatile and easy-to-cook ingredient, which many enjoy raw, while others prefer cooked

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Last updated: 21 May 2018 - 9.42pm

Nothing beats su ripened, room temperature tomatoes come summer, so in honour of British Tomato Week, kicking off today, here are a few ways to serve the humble tomato, but with a bit of a twist…

1. In sorbet

This is a fresh and not-so-sweet version of the typical dessert you can make at home and serve as a starter or an appetiser. The more acidity and sweetness in the tomatoes, the better. 

2. On sushi

Yes, tomato sushi is a thing: a gluten-free and vegan option also enjoyed by non-vegan people. It’s designed to have the taste and texture of tuna, but is made entirely of tomato. It was an idea first invented by James Corwell, one of America’s top chefs.

3. As a cake

A summertime recipe that both adults and children should love, tomato is used as you would courgette or beetroot in cake – to add moisture. I shouldn’t taste tomatoey at all once baked.


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4. In a jam

Usually prepared at the end of summer, tomato jam can be slathered on everything from sandwiches to grilled fish and burgers. It can be preserved in jars, in case you manage to save some of it for winter.


OK, my second batch of tomato jam was much better than my first attempt. This time I used sugar instead of raw honey and added the red pepper flakes, although I still added much less than the recipe called for. The honey was overpowering, but I definitely added too much. Sooooo, yeah, it was good on cheese & crackers. Thanks for the recommendation! I still would prefer it to be more savory than sweet. IF I make it again, maybe I'll try apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice. Has anyone done that before? Or perhaps cumin instead of cinnamon? hmmm… . . #tomatolove#tomatoseason#tomatojam#tomato#tomatoes#tomatoplant#tomatoplants#heirloomtomatoes#heirloomtomato#victorygarden #growyourownfood#growwhatyoueat #vegetablegarden#organicgardening #homegrownveggies#greenthumb#backyardgarden#backyardgardening #canning#foodpreservation#preservingtheharvest#canningseason #homecanned#homecanning #preserving #foodinjars#ballcanning #masonjar #jamjar #jamjars

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5. Stuffed

Tomatoes can also act as edible bowls, either baked or raw. Risotto-stuffed tomatoes are colourful, filling and can be eaten on the go. Any type of leftover risotto works, but vegetable ones are better if served cold.

6. In an Indian kachumber

This Indian chopped salad, combined with red onion, cucumber, cumin and coriander, is a tasty side dish, which can be enjoyed with rice, fish or meat. It’s mainly served with Indian curries, or as a dip.

7. Confit

These slow-roasted tomatoes add a sweet punch to burgers, sandwiches, salads or pizzas. It is also perfect for antipasto, and cooked with A LOT of olive oil. Delicious.

8. On fried pizza

Originally from Naples, Italy, fried pizza – not to be confused with your stone or oven baked varieties – is served with tomato sauce, parmesan and basil and is a popular Italian street food.

9. In a muffin

A savoury dish that can be combined with cheese, bacon, ham and spices,, tomato muffins are great for breakfast, lunch or as picnic snacks.

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