If the Great British Bake Off technical challenge has taught us anything over the years, it’s that there are a lot of delicious goods out there that we’ve never even heard of.

Every week, bakers would be ask to recreate a bake that for some, was pretty run of the mill and for others, had them scratching their heads wondering what on earth they’ve been asked to make.

While Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would chat about the bake, or hosts Mel or Sue did a segment on the history of the lesser known cake, the poor bakers would be scrambling around throwing ingredients into a bowl and hoping for the best. For some, it was a method that worked surprisingly well, even if they’d never heard of the bake before.

We’re not talking about a Victoria sponge or scone here; we’re talking about the unusual, quirky and lesser known cakes.

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And if you were one of them any  who would scream at the TV every week, shouting things like “how do you not know what a Dampfnudel is?”  or “Rumbaba? I was making them before you were born” then this quiz is for you.

Perhaps you’re a master baker or an amateur cook, or like making a cake or two for the family. Or you’re just really good at general knowledge and love eating cakes. Who doesn’t! Either way, this quiz will certainly satisfy any hungry minds and give you an appetite for sweet, scrummy goodies.

Some of the answers are genuine names of cakes, biscuits and breads from across the world. Some are complete gibberish but sound rather yummy anyway. See if you can try and sniff out the right ones.