Co-op is launching a £6 Valentine’s meal deal – but is it any good?

We taste test the meal deal.

Press Association
Last updated:31 January 2018 - 11.41am

Deciding whether to eat out or eat in is a dilemma for many couples on February 14, but for me, cooking a cosy meal for two tends to win hands down.

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When it’s a weekday though, whipping up something special can be a bit much, so supermarket meal deals are a good option. And if you’re tight on cash, the Co-op are now selling a meal for two for just £6.

But what exactly are you going to get for six quid? Well, you can choose a main, a side and a dessert (or two sides and no dessert) for two people, and there are at least three options on each.

So there’s steak, mushroom wellington or lasagne as a main; asparagus, mash, flatbread or chips for a side; and chocolate fondants, champagne and raspberry tortes, or strawberries for pudding. Pretty good, eh?

The verdict:

The proof is in the eating, of course, but I have to say, I was really impressed. The steak is tender and the chips and mash easily rival the ones from M&S. The puddings aren’t as amazing, so maybe opt for the strawberries and dunk them in some melted chocolate, or bag the asparagus as an extra side in your mains meal deal, but this is a bargain worth buying.

Happily, Co-op are also running the offer for three whole weeks and aiming it at friends and family, as well as lovebirds. The range goes on sale from January 31 until February 20.


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