We tried the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach – and here’s our verdict

The fizzy drink's newest flavour is now available in the UK - so we gave it a go. Here's what we though of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach.

There are daredevils and then there are Puritans – and when it comes to your fizzy drinks, which one are you?

If you’re in the play-it-safe camp, look away now, as the latest incarnation of Coca-Cola Zero is revealed - and it's peach flavoured.

Coca-Cola Zero Peach joins the other flavoured versions of the sugar-free drink including Vanilla and Cherry.

But as the proof is in the pudding, we gave the fruit flavour a go for ourselves. Here are our verdicts:

Ellie: “OMG it’s weird. Like a lacklustre ginger beer.”

Jamie: "I really enjoyed the drink, having tried the variety of different flavours you can get Coke in at Five Guys, it’s great that Coca- Cola are experimenting a bit – and without sugar. I would definitely consider buying this – at the right price – on occasion as a soft drink on its own, but not with a meal like I would with normal Coke."

Carla: “It tastes like it should be alcoholic, but maybe it’s reminding me of my Peach Schnapps days. It’s actually pretty refreshing, I’m into it.”

Hannah: “Very sweet and a bit sickly. Could do with a stronger peach flavour. Pleasant, but would not buy again - it's too similar to Iced Tea, which I think tastes nicer.”

Available in 330ml can, 500ml and 1.25l bottle and multipacks, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Peach is in stores now.

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