Asda have only gone and created a Croll. No, not a troll, a Croll - a croissant crossed with a roll.

I know, I know, haven’t we all had enough of these hybrids? Remember Bennifer? Brangelina? TomKat? Celebrity hybrids might have had their day but baking hybrids, clearly, have not.

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I’m not one for fads. I delight in being really rather old fashioned in my tastes. I prefer a well-cut jacket and a Breton striped top to anything that might be seen at London Fashion Week. I prefer a classic (well-made), icy cold G&T to a craft beer.

So when it comes to my baked goods I’ve always enjoyed Chelsea buns, fruit cakes, chocolate brownies and cheese scones. Innovation can stay away from my favourite things, thank you very much.


But then I tried a Cronut (a doughnut-croissant hybrid) and I was hooked. If you haven’t indulged yet then consider why people queue at Dominique Ansel’s London bakery for well over four hours of a morning just to have the opportunity to part with their hard-earned cash for a deep-fried croissant/doughnut hybrid.

And it's definitely worth the wait. Imagine buttery, hot, flaky deep-fried goodness. Everything about a doughnut that’s good, combined with everything about a croissant that’s perfect.

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Asda don’t sell Cronuts, but they do sell Crolls. It's a croissant that can essentially be used like a bread roll. The croissant is less flaky, meaning you can slice it more easily and fill it with deliciousness like parma ham, mozzarella, basil. Why stop at savoury? Why not throw in some banana, chocolate spread and toasted hazelnuts?

I'll admit it - this ‘less flaky than a croissant’ line does sounds like the kind of excuse one might make to Paul Hollywood on the Great British Bake Off’s Laminated Dough Week. “Sorry Paul, you’re wrong, my croissant isn’t lacking in flakiness - it’s a croll!” I can’t see Paul going for it.

But I’m already bitten by the hybrid baking bug. I don’t care that Asda could well be making excuses for some sub-standard-lacking-in-flake croissant dough. I don’t mind that Asda isn’t an artisan bakery like Monsieur Ansel of Cronut fame. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. If you want me, I’ll be queuing outside Asda.

Croll, Cronut - are you a fan of hybrid baking? Tell us in the Comments section below.

Holly Bell was a finalist on the second series of The Great British Bake Off in 2011. She lives in Leicester and is a busy mum to three sons.