We all fall for food fads from time to time.

We’re distracted by bright pigments and clouds of sugar; seduced by impossible-to-believe (but we’ll cross our fingers anyway) health benefits, and then there’s the peer pressure – because who wants to be the only one not lacing their Instagram feed with avocado lattes and Technicolor slices of unicorn pizza?!

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And 2017’s summer food trends have undoubtedly wowed so far. Here’s our verdict on some of the ones that have likely been clogging your newsfeed recently:


What is it? Frozen rosé – basically a bright pink alcoholic slushy for grown-ups.

Our verdict: It’s cold, it’s boozy, no one will judge you for drinking it with a straw – what’s not to love? Perfect for beside the pool. 9/10


What is it? Charcoal flavoured – and coloured – food-stuffs, from ice-cream and burger buns, to lemonade and pizza.

Our verdict: It’s not the kind of charcoal you find in the bottom of the barbecue, but ‘activated’ charcoal which many a health-whizz and social media nutritionist has touted for its detoxifying benefits. But the jury is out on whether it really is good for you. What we do know is that, unless it’s Halloween, there’s no need for food that looks burnt and oddly spooky. 4/10

Unicorn/fairy/galaxy/mermaid-themed foods

What is it? Sickeningly cutesy, glitter-bombed, sparkly food, with unicorn horns. Has to be all colours of the rainbow.

Our verdict: This kind of food was the dream when we were aged 4 and obsessed with My Little Pony, but as adults, just looking at myriad piles of gaudy candied treats makes our teeth feel like they’re rotting out of their sockets. And yet, you can’t not be drawn in by it. It’s like Lucky Charms times a million. Parents, do not feed your kids this stuff, you’ll never get them to sleep again. 5/10

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Poke bowls

What is it? Hawaiian bowl food involving a lot of raw fish and shredded veg.

Our verdict: Healthy and holier than thou, yes, but everything tastes better in a bowl, right? The main downside to poke bowls is the sheer amount of time, effort and ingredients involved in putting one together. Still, if you get up an extra hour early, at least you’ll be able to whip this out at lunch and impress/annoy your colleagues as they munch through limp meal deal sandwiches. 7/10

Edible flowers


B A K E S A L E today on Columbia road FREE ENTRY. Come buy lots of cake in aid of @cookforsyria 💥💥💥💥💥💥

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What is it? Pretty petals you’re allowed to eat. Usually found on wedding cakes.

Our verdict: No cake has been deemed complete this summer if it hasn’t been strewn with pansies and nasturtium flowers. Very beautiful, but the novelty’s worn off, and it’s getting a bit twee now. Also, we haven’t yet come across any edible flowers that don’t taste a little bit like soil… 6/10

Avocado lattes

What is it? A latte, inside the scooped out shell of an avocado. Really.

Our verdict: Coffee should come in a mug. End of. 0/10