From sausages to watercress: 7 food festivals dedicated to just one ingredient

If you’re obsessed with garlic, or can’t get enough chilli in your life, you’ll appreciate these summer food fests.

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Last updated: 11 May 2018 - 6.09pm

Food festivals can often be overwhelming. It’s easy to find yourself dithering over whether you should try that artisan burger, just grab a slice of stonebaked pizza, or buy something from every street food trader in the vicinity to satisfy your insatiable tastebuds.

If this sounds like a dilemma you find yourself struggling with on a regular basis, why not check out a foodie festival dedicated to just one ingredient, and cancel out all that hemming and hawing? Now you just have to pick from these seven…

1. Lincoln Sausage Festival, October 13

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Set within Lincoln Castle, this (ahem) sausage fest, promises sausage making demos, and many a banger in a bun. We’ll take ours with relish and lots of fried onions please.

2. Great Dorset Chilli Festival, July 28-29

If you like things hot – really, really hot – the Great Dorset Chilli Festival offers fiery, peppery heat in all its forms. Grab handfuls of exotic peppers, learn how to prep and get the most out of your homegrown chillies, and submit your own chilli sauce for the ‘Sauce Off’.

3. Galway Oyster Festival, September 28-30

Enter the ‘shucking’ championships, see demos from seafood chefs, and slurp back as many oysters as possible. Make sure to carry around a bottle of Tabasco sauce with you.

4. Isle of Wight Garlic Festival, August 18-19

Attend with people you love, who also don’t mind garlic breath. This Isle Of Wight festival is something of a garlicky institution. Tour the garlic farm and be brave and try the garlic fudge and garlic ice cream…

5. Alresford Watercress Festival , May 20

Too often watercress is simply dropped in a tangle alongside a steak, and forgotten. Not so at this Hampshire watercress festival, where you can sign up to the world watercress eating championships, or just see the leaves used by chefs in new and intriguing ways.

6. Sheringham and Cromer Crab and Lobster Festival, May 19-20

Ok, this is a crab AND lobster fest, but they’re both crustaceans, and both pretty delicious. Find out more about Norfolk’s fishing exploits, learn how to make a traditional rope lobster pots, and enter the crab sandwich eating competition. Yum.

7. Pizza and Prosecco Festival, dates across the summer

Again, cheating a bit here, but is pizza even pizza without a glass of prosecco?! This mini pop-up festival celebrating two giants of the food and drink world will be touring the country all summer, serving slices and bubbles galore.

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