How to cook bacon in the microwave in 3 minutes

Forget the grill or frying – we’ve found the quickest and healthiest way to cook bacon.

Ever thought about usin your microwave to cook bacon? No, we hadn't either - until we tried it.

While the traditional way to cook bacon is to fry it or, if you’re feeling like being a little healthier, cook it under the grill, some top chefs believe it’s best to cook bacon in the microwave.

In the name of all things bacon, we thought we’d give it a go.

Not only does it take just three minutes, but it’s a healthier way too, as you’re not using fatty oils, and the method means you’re draining fat from the rashers too.

So if you fancy a slightly healthier cooked breakfast this weekend, follow these steps on how to cook bacon in a microwave:

Step 1: Turn a microwave-safe bowl upside down on a large plate and place bacon rashers on top of the bowl

Step 2: Cover the bacon with a sheet of kitchen roll

Step 3: Pop it in the microwave on a high setting for 90 seconds

Step 4: Carefully remove from the microwave. Remove the paper towel and turn the bacon over

Step 5: Place a fresh piece of kitchen roll on top and pop back in the microwave on high for 90 seconds

Step 6: Remove and serve

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