For sandwich lovers, breakfast and dinner feel like a bit of a drag. Why waste a perfectly good meal by not eating a sandwich, right?

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So on this hallowed day, National Sandwich Day, we’re here to help you with a selection of recipes to enjoy breaded goodness throughout the day.

Because everything tastes better in a sandwich. Fact.


Porridge is for duds and cereal is just plain boring – a sandwich is truly the breakfast of champions. You can have all of your favourite morning foodstuffs (bacon, eggs, the works) – but in sandwich form and therefore 68% better. It’s science, look it up.

This bad boy has it all: cheese, chutney, tomato, bacon, eggs and some greens. It really doesn’t get better than that.

And one for the veggies, because avocado is a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.


Don’t be one of those fools who assumes that sandwiches are reserved only for meals – pah! Instead, they make the perfect mid-morning snack.

Try out this delicious strawberry, basil and crispy prosciutto croissant sandwich to keep your strength up until lunch.


Okay, okay, we know it’s easy to make a sandwich for lunch – most of us do it every day. But step your sandwich game up a notch with these recipes to celebrate the day in style.

Because why have a plain ham sandwich when you can have something way snazzier? Go on, do your lunch right.

Go for the gourmet option with this goat cheese, ham and blueberry preserve sandwich.

Or what about this totally indulgent grilled cheese sandwich. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Finding cheese toasties a bit run of the mill? Not if they’re multi-coloured. Yep, you heard us right – check out the recipe here.

Once you’ve forayed into the world of fancy grilled cheese, you’ll never look back.


There are some naysayers out there who don’t really see sandwiches as a proper meal, and some sad people who think that you can’t have them for dinner. We’re here to prove those people wrong with these extreme sandwiches which make the perfect supper or dinner.

Love fish fingers? You’re going to love them even more in this recipe.

Or what about this bad boy, which uses an entire loaf of bread choc full of deliciousness to make your sandwich. You’re unlikely to get hungry after that.


Chocolate in sandwiches is basically the best thing. Ever. So here are the best recipes for you to make your chocolatey-sandwichy dreams a reality. You’re welcome.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven in this recipe.

And finally, we present to you the giant ice cream sandwich. Need we say any more?