Ever fancied saving money at the supermaket?

Try our top tips for shopping the reduced section.

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1. Find out the times

Yep that’s right, there is actually a formula to when stuff gets reduced. Make friends with someone at the supermarket, or watch sneakily from afar.

Apparently, the more of one thing there is, the more that item gets reduced.

Remember, you could be on to a winner at closing time.

Or sometimes you just get lucky…

2. Know where the section is

And remember there’s usually one in chilled, one in bakery and even fruit and veg, which actually usually lasts way longer than the sell-by date.

Don’t forget to check flowers.

If in doubt look out for those yellow, red or orange stickers.

3. Don’t be tricked

We’ve all seen labels like this but make sure you check what the actual reduction is.

Mind the mistakes…

And remember sometimes the reduction makes it more expensive – for example the meal deal would actually be better value here.

4. Don’t get carried away

These people did.

Remember you have to eat it tonight, soon perhaps or freeze, so…

5. Have freezer space

For example a reduced aisle haul like this would benefit from some freezer space.

6. Make sure it’s actually in date

Not pleasant if it’s not…

7. Get two (at a stretch three) student meals for less than £1

8. Calculate how much it would actually cost so you can feel super smug

9. Be prepared to change your dinner plans

And have friends ready to come share your bargains.

Or sometimes the bargain aisle might be on your side.

10. Don’t be afraid to loiter

But make sure you don’t end up having a fight, or even nicking from other bargain hunters’ trolleys. That’s really not in the spirit of it all.

11. Three for twos usually still work in the reduced section by the way

But we did tell you in point four not to get carried away – but then again if you have enough freezer space you could make a lovely batch of cauliflower soup…

12. Share the love

Tell your fellow bargain hunters. Bring treats home for your housemates. Hopefully they will return the favour.