Packed with protein and brain-boosting omegas, eggs are one of the healthiest fast foods you can eat. And now you can rustle up a fabulous hard-boiled egg – by foregoing the boiling method altogether.

Steam your eggs for six minutes instead – and ta-dah! You’ll have the ultimate boiled egg, according to Alexis Kornblum of Lexi's Clean Kitchen.

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Boiling your eggs in fiercely bubbling water is bad news, says Alexis, as they rarely cook evenly.

Perfect boiled egg

But if you boil an inch of water in the bottom of the pan, then pop your eggs on a steamer, you’ll ensure an evenly cooked egg with a yummy runny yolk.

If you prefer your yolk on the hard side, then steam it for 11 minutes.

Immediately after they’ve cooked you need to transfer them to a cold ice bath to make sure that the eggs peel easily.

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