How well do you know your biscuits? Take our quiz and put your knowledge to the test

We all love a biscuit (or two), but can you name these popular varieties from their close-ups?

It's official - biscuits make us happy. Don't believe us? Just look at the latest research from McVitie’s - nearly half of British workers say sharing biscuits with colleagues makes them feel happier, with over a quarter saying it helped them build a stronger connection with a colleague.

But when it comes to your favourite biccie, it’s a hotly contested subject.

It can divide families, friends and even couples. In fact, it’s the ultimate in compatibility and a question you should always ask any future suitors.

But you don’t have to take part in such an extreme display of brawn to prove your love of biscuits. 

Simply play our biscuit quiz to see how well you know them. Can you tell which biscuit is which from a close-up picture? It’s trickier than you think…

To encourage British workers to share biscuits with their colleagues and facilitate sweeter connections in the workplace, McVitie’s is delivering free biscuits to hundreds of workers across the UK for National Biscuit Day. British workers can enter a Twitter competition today to surprise their colleagues with biscuits, delivered especially by McVitie’s.




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