Is Britain is on the brink of a halloumi shortage?

Try not to panic…

Press Association
Last updated: 25 June 2018 - 2.57pm

The squeakiest of cheeses, halloumi is pretty incredible, whether grilled until golden and melty, or deep fried in chip form and dunked in mayonnaise or scattered with pomegranate seeds.

But there are fears the UK is running short – a disaster for veggies and carnivores alike considering the salty cheese has become a British barbecue staple, and we’re on for a heatwave this week.

Some shoppers have found it tricky to get hold of the stuff, and it’s sparked something of a panic that we’re about to enter a halloumi shortage (aka, the end of days).

According to The Sun, the UK is now the biggest market for the cheese outside Cyprus, where it’s produced and, in line with EU regulations, is made using at least 20% sheep and goat’s milk. Apparently farmers are struggling to keep up with demand.

Fromage lovers are understandably upset…

The demand is being put down to the fact halloumi has become increasingly trendy, and is now a go-to for vegetarians, but is also popular with meat-eaters – call it a cheese steak, if you will.

There’s alreday been a halloumi outcry this month, after Aldi launched its almost mythical new halloumi fries – people have become obsessed.

There are also reports that halloumi can be found stocked in designated barbecue sections in supermarkets, rather than alongside the rest of the usual cheeses.

However, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have both commented that they’re having no problems with their respective halloumi supplies, so let’s all try and keep our heads, for now at least.

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