Lisa Faulkner on what she loves to cook at home

Actress Lisa Faulkner loves a roast or a curry, but admits she doesn’t like cooking tricky dishes like those she made to win Masterchef.

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Last updated:01 February 2018 - 10.31am

Actress and chef Lisa Faulkner has always loved cooking, and demonstrated her impressive culinary skills when she won the 2010 Celebrity Masterchef title.

Mum of one Lisa, who’s supporting the Change4Life children’s healthy snacks campaign,  has since written three cookery books and alreday has plans for a fourth.

Here the 45-year-old, who shares a kitchen with her partner, celeb chef John Torode, tells us her homecooking secrets.

What’s your ultimate foodie craving?

“My favourite food is curry, all types of curry from Thai to Indian, from veggie to meat.”

What do you always have in your store cupboard?

“Noodles, miso soup, tinned tomatoes, chickpeas and beans.”

My mummy’s Coq au vin #comfortfood

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What’s your number one meal to cook for the whole family?

“I love making a roast, although anything that will bring the whole family together around the table is perfect for me.”

Is there anything you really can’t cook, or have struggled to make?

“Dishes that I made on Masterchef were by far the hardest to cook – I don’t like tricky or over-complicated meals.”

What’s your approach to eating as a whole?

“Healthy and happy is key, and keeping things fresh with lots of choice, ranging from meat-free days to the perfect salmon teriyaki.”


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