According to new research, there is one key ingredient which is imperative if you want to start your day right: mushrooms.

The study, published in the journal Appetite, suggests people who eat mushrooms as their first meal of the day, rather than meat-filled breakfasts, feel fuller for longer – which hopefully means you won’t be as hungry throughout the day and will snack less (and could therefore find it easier to maintain a healthy weight).

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Scientists found the humble mushroom had the same nutrients as vegetables, and also some of the benefits found in meat, beans and grains – so move over acai bowls, mushrooms are the new morning superfood.

Want to get in on the trend? Here are 3 ways to fit more mushrooms into your breakfast…

1. Bake muffins

If you’re the kind of person who snoozes your alarm right up until you leave the house, chances are you often miss out on the most important meal of the day.

But no longer – if you just do a little bit of planning. You can get your morning mushroom fix in the form of muffins, which are devilishly easy to make ahead and whip out whenever you need them.

Try Smile Sandwich’s recipe for spinach, mushroom, cheese and egg muffins to keep you going throughout the day.

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2. Whip up an omelette


Enoki Mushroom Parmesan Omelette. Beautiful and delicious breakfast. Recipe at the link on our site.

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Mushrooms and omelettes go together like peanut butter and jelly… although omelettes are probably a whole lot healthier for breakfast.

Omelettes aren’t exactly rocket science, and the great thing is you can chuck in your favourite ingredients into the mix (or just whatever you’ve got left in your fridge).

If you did want a mushroom-loaded recipe, take a look at Johnny Hetherington’s, which gives the omelette a fancy spin thanks to enoki mushrooms and Parmesan.

3. Make a breakfast bowl

In case you haven’t checked Instagram recently, breakfast bowls are where it’s at if you want the most picture-perfect start to your day.

So if you want to feel fuller for longer and support weight-loss efforts, you could do no worse than incorporate trusty mushrooms into your morning bowl.

The Kitchen Confidante’s recipe ticks all the boxes, with polenta, parmesan, pancetta, mushrooms and soft boiled eggs. If you’re vegetarian, or just want to reduce the amount of meat you eat, it’s easy to sub out the pancetta and keep all the mushroom goodness.