National Bagel Day: 5 alternative fillings

Need to break away from smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels? Read on

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Last updated:09 February 2018 - 08.25am

Smoked salmon and cream cheese may be a match made in heaven, but bagels are flexible, and there are other topping combinations out there that will have you scrambling from your desk and searching out the nearest bagel joint.

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Also, it’s National Bagel Day, so give the lox a rest and give one of these a try…

1. Hummus and roast vegetables

It is possible to combine a veggie health kick with bagel joy. Any combination of vegetables work, especially sweet roasted peppers, courgette, onions and butternut squash. Toss your veggies together with a drizzle of olive oil, add salt and pepper and stick in the oven at 180 °C until tender. Slather your warmed bagels with hummus, top with the warm roasted veg and eat.

2. Halloumi and avocado

Avocado adds a creamy texture to the salty, squeaky cheese. Cut your halloumi into pieces and fry until golden in a little olive oil. Choose a soft, ripe avocado and slice while waiting for your halloumi to get some colour. Build your bagel tower with a layer of butter, followed by the cheese, then the avocado – a leaf or two of rocket wouldn’t go amiss either.

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3. Scrambled eggs and bacon


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Add chives, or thyme to your scrambled eggs, and the saltiness of the bacon will add so much to the flavour of your eggs. Bagels for breakfast is best.

4. Pastrami and melted cheese


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You really thought we’d go a whole article about bagels and not mention pastrami? The salt beef is legendary on a bagel, and molten cheese is a must – a few thick slabs of cheddar works every time, but a layer of blue cheese might just win it. Chuck some tomatoes (sundried or fresh) on there and you’re all set.

5. Banana and peanut butter

Who says bagels have to be savoury? If you want to indulge, spread crunchy peanut butter on a warm bagel. Add chopped banana, and, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, add a dash of honey to the top. And if peanut butter is too run-of-the-mill for your liking, give a nut butter combination a try. The 3 Nut Butter by Whole Earth (£3.29) – a mix of cashew, peanut and hazelnut butter – will do the trick.


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