National Fudge Day: 9 unusual fudge flavours to try

From gin to tea, fudge can be flavoured with anything – here are some of the tastiest.

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Last updated: 16 June 2018 - 2.02pm

It’s National Fudge Day on June 16 – and to mark such an auspicious occasion, it’d be rude not to munch a stack of the creamy, sweet confectionery.

Fudge Day has been organised to “raise awareness of fudge’s heritage and to encourage people to have a little British-made treat”. However, while lots of fudge is made in Britain, according to culinary legend, the first batch of fudge was actually created by accident in the USA.

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Although the true origins of the delicacy are disputed, it’s said that on Valentine’s Day, 1886, a Baltimore confectioner and chocolate maker ‘fudged’ a batch of French caramels by accidentally allowing the sugar to recrystallise. The delicious result was what came to be known as fudge.

But other accounts say fudge is similar to the traditional butter, sugar and milk recipe for Scottish Tablet, a much older confection from Scotland, of course.

Wherever it originated, the creamy concoction lends itself to the addition of many other flavours, leading to many weird and wonderful types of fudge. Here are 9 of them:

1. Buttermilk Cornish Gin Fudge

Made in a Cornish kitchen, this all-butter, crumbly fudge is infused with Tarquin’s Gin, giving an aromatic flavour of juniper.

2. Buttermilk Earl Grey Fudge

Another crumbly all-butter fudge, this is lightly sprinkled with flecks of leaves from the Truro-based Tregothnan Tea to give it a very British, floral Earl Grey flavour.

3. Fudge House Praline & Drambuie Fudge

From the Fudge House based on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, this decadent delicacy is made with hazelnut praline, Belgian chocolates and a dash of real Drambuie – a perfect after-dinner treat.

4. Fudge House Lemon Meringue Pie Fudge


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This hand-made fudge is creamy and lemony, with real pieces of crunchy meringue.

5. What the Fudge UK Ferrero Rocher Fudge Loaf

A hand-decorated mini fudge loaf containing smooth vanilla fudge, with a base of Nutella and hazelnuts, topped with a single Ferrero Rocher, a drizzle of milk chocolate and a sprinkle of hazelnuts.

6. What The Fudge UK Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Slice

Peanut butter fudge, made with real Reese’s peanut butter and a Reese’s peanut butter bar in the centre – yum!

7. What The Fudge UK Biscoff Fudge Loaf

This vanilla fudge creation has a base of lotus biscuits and is flavoured with biscoff spread, all topped with white chocolate and a whole lotus biscuit.

8. Fudge Kitchen Lemon Drizzle Fudge

A lemon and almond flavoured whipping cream fudge scattered with poppy seeds – tasty and tangy with a hint of zing.

9. Fudge Kitchen Chocolate & Caramel Fudge

If you fancy a more traditional type of fudge, there’s this delicious combination of the two most popular fudge flavours – dark chocolate fudge carefully wrapped around layers of creamy caramel fudge.

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