It’s considered a delicacy in Japan, but fugu fish can be fatal if not properly prepared, and a supermarket in Gamagori, central Japan, has sold five packages of the local blowfish with their toxic livers still intact.

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Parts of the fish – which is usually served as sashimi – can contain the potentially fatal poison tetrodotoxin, but in winter, fugu is still seen as ambrosial in the gourmet stakes.

It’s not the only delicacy that treads the line between delicious and deadly though…

1. The Giant African Bullfrog

It’s eaten in Namibia – and not just the legs – however, the frogs have to be eaten at the right time of year to avoid consuming oshiketakata, a poison that can trigger kidney failure.

2. Hakarl

Otherwise known as fermented Greenland shark, this Icelandic dish involves curing the shark meat for several months, as fresh it’s packed with urea and trimethylamine oxide – poisonous to humans.


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3. Ackee fruit

Tasty, chock-full of vitamins and minerals, and Jamaica’s national fruit, if eaten when unripe, ackee can mess up your body’s ability to produce glucose. Your blood sugar levels can drop so low, you die.

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4. Cassava

A staple tuber in tropical countries like Brazil, Peru and Cuba, that can be pounded into pastes and used to make bread and cakes, it also contains a whole lot of cyanide. If it’s not washed and treated properly by the chef, it can be lethal.

5. Blood clams

These little guys are found in Chinese waters, and live in such low oxygenated water that they’re prone to collecting up nasty bacteria and viruses, including Hepatitis A and E.

6. Casu marzu

This Sardinian cheese actually contains live insect larvae – it’s meant to ferment the cheese (something of an acquired taste), but the little bugs can end up burrowing through your intestinal walls.