The great thing about Pinterest is there are whole boards dedicated to Crème Egg recipes, so to celebrate Easter four of our writers took the Crème Egg Challenge. Each writer chose a recipe from Pinterest and tried it at home.

Four recipes, three bags of chocolate chips and 26 crème eggs later here are the results…

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Cadbury Crème Egg Cookie Cups

Difficulty rating out of ten: 6/10 hard

Looked like the Pinterest image rating out of ten: 7/10 definitely

Would you do it again? No!

How they should look...

How it went: Jayne Cherrington-Cook said: "This was my first experience of making cookie cups, but I really enjoyed this part of the recipe as it was fairly straightforward - and who doesn’t enjoy tucking into a spot of cookie dough while they’re baking?

"Making the filling however was somewhat of a faff, especially as me, my toddler and my kitchen ended up covered in icing sugar.

"I’m still finding traces of icing sugar dust in my house now – it gets everywhere!

"I had to use golden syrup in place of corn syrup so my egg whites were more egg off-whites, plus the yellow colouring used for the yolks tasted really bitter and horrible.

"I also ended up adding extra water to the recipe as the cream turned out really thick – not runny like a yummy Crème egg at all.

How Jayne's looked...

"Aside from the egg white issue, they ended up looking pretty close to how they should, but it’s just a shame they didn’t taste nicer.

"I would’ve preferred the cookie cupcakes on their own. Even my sweet-toothed son thought they were too ‘yucky and sweet’, which really says something. I will try making cookie cups again though, but this time I’ll fill them with something delicious such as salted caramel – much more appetising!"

For the recipe, click here.

Cadbury Crème Egg Brownies

Difficulty rating out of ten: 8/10 hard

Looked like the Pinterest image rating out of ten: 6/10 you could tell what it was

Would you do it again? Yeah, why not

How it went: Hannah Bouckley said: "I 'helped' my 5-year old son make the Crème egg brownies, although he seems to have a defter touch cracking eggs than me.

How they should look

"The recipe is very simple to follow, although in lieu of an electronic whisk, my Kenwood Soup Maker was a decent substitute.

"The recipe requires 72% cocoa dark chocolate, because of this I opted for mini Creme Eggs, feeling the combination of dark chocolate and full size eggs would be too sickly.

"Small Crème eggs worked well, I got 12 brownies out of the mixture instead of eight.

"My oven is very powerful, so I reduced the cooking time and kept checking them with a skewer. For the last 5/10 minutes of cooking time, you have to push the Crème egg halves into the mix, where they’ll melt.

Hannah's attempt, below

"Unfortunately I didn’t push the eggs in deep enough, so they don’t have the same flush tops as the recipe.

"The final result was lovely – sweet, but not sickly – in fact, even my sugar hating mother had some. It’s simple, certainly a recipe you can do with young children but adults can enjoy too."

For the recipe, click here.

Cadbury Crème Egg Fudge

Difficulty rating out of ten: 5/10 medium

Looked like the Pinterest image rating out of ten: 3/10 not really

Would you do it again? No

How it went: Carla Challis said: "What seemed an apparently easy recipe turned out to be a neon-yellow shaded nightmare.

How they should look

"Firstly, corn syrup is ridiculously difficult to get hold of in the UK and after some quick Googling, I found that golden syrup can be used (just a slightly sweeter variation).

"That was probably the easiest part. I had to abandon all my instincts of melting the butter and syrup and mixed it by hand and went almost dough-liked when the sugar was added.

"I assume if I’d used corn syrup the mixture would’ve have been more pale – for the white part of the egg - but as it was it was a beige colour.

"I coloured a third of it with yellow food colouring and attempted to fold it into the rest of the mixture to get the crème egg marble effect.

Carla's attempt, below

"Inevitably, the whole lot went bright yellow, runny, sticky and an awful consistency. Adding more icing sugar helped (eventually) and it tasted OK-ish.

"After a rest in the fridge I topped it with melted chocolate and popped back into the fridge for cooling. Unfortunately when I went to taste it, it was basically a greasy, chocolaty butter. Not pleasant."

For the recipe click here.

Cadbury Crème Egg cupcakes

Difficulty rating out of ten: 3/10 easy

Looked like the Pinterest image rating out of ten: 5/10 kind of

Would you do it again? Yes

How it went: Georgine Waller said: "I've baked a fair few cupcakes in my time, but this was the first time I was attempting to smuggle a precious item within the confines of the cupcake, so I was a bit unsure about my ability to pull it off when I began my Crème Egg Challenge. 

How they should look:

"Luckily, it mostly went off without a hitch. Making the cupcake mixture was easy - you just throw it all into a bowl and whisk it together (NB. You're never too old to lick the bowl afterwards). 

"The only bit of difficulty came when I had to squidge the mixture in and around the Creme Egg in the cupcake case. Fingers ended up being the best tool here. 

"I obviously got carried away with all that delicious chocolate because before I knew what I was doing I had added cocoa to the icing mixture. So I made chocolate icing instead of vanilla icing - but I didn't hear any complaints. 

Georgine's attempt, below

"Would I make this recipe again? Well, it was pretty easy to do, and there were some very happy faces when I brought the cupcakes to work, so I'd say I'm definitely adding it to my cupcake rotation." 

For the recipe click here.

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