As it’s January, supermarket shelves are flooded with healthy foods and carb alternatives to help you get the whole “new year new you” thing on track.

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Being more conscious of what you eat is great, but some of these efforts to monetise healthy foods are getting out of hand. Take Marks & Spencer’s latest effort of selling cauliflower steaks.

We’re not criticising cauliflower steaks in general – they’re tasty and a great alternative if you’re trying to do your bit for the environment, because they’re grown in the UK. What some people are holding issue with is the fact that M&S is selling a “cauliflower steak” – which is literally just a sliced up cauliflower for £2.00 (or £2.50 at full price).

Consider that you can get a whole cauliflower from Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Waitrose for just a pound. Cutting up a cauliflower isn’t exactly the most arduous of tasks, so why on earth would you pay more for the privilege of a cauliflower steak?

In all fairness, the steak also comes with a herb dressing, but people aren’t sure that’s really worth the inflated price. In fact, the whole thing has struck many as utterly ludicrous.

Some have also been quick to point out how much packaging M&S has used for a solitary slice of cauliflower and see it as wasteful.

In response to this particular gripe, a spokesperson for M&S said: “The plastic tray protects the product and is widely recyclable. We continue to look at ways to optimise our food packaging and ensure it can be widely recycled.”

And what about this whole idea of selling cut up cauli? The spokesperson said: “We have launched a ready-to-cook cauliflower steak with a herb dressing as part of our new Veggie range. This is for customers looking for a quick and convenient vegetarian meal option.”

This might be so, but we’ll probably be sticking to slicing up our own cauliflower for now – we’re pretty sure it already comes “ready-to-cook.”