Ah, the humble crisp - it's a core pillar of British civilization.

You could be a plain, salt & vinegar or the more exotic sweet chilli kinda crisp lover, or you may only enjoy them with a dip - regardless, who doesn’t love a bag of frazzled potato slices, slathered in salty tasty flavouring?

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In fact, the UK public appear to like crisps so much that between us we manage to put away half a billion crisps every single day, which amounts to an incredible 17 million potatoes.

But if learning that packets of Walkers are filled with nitrogen to stop the crisps going stale puts you off buying a grab bag from the supermarket, you can fry your own potatoes at home.

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Makes One big bowlful

Ready in 20 minutes


1kg Maris Piper potatoes

1ltr Oil




1. First slice the potatoes, carefully, to roughly 3mm thick. A mandolin slicer will make it easier and less dangerous for your fingers as well as keep the slices even.

2. Rinse the potato slices in cold water, then leave to soak for around half an hour.

3. Next, fill a large pan, preferably one that is also deep, with oil. Vegetable, sunflower and rapeseed oil all work well. Heat to between 160 and 180 degrees. Use a thermometer to get it bang on.

4. Drain and dry the potato slices on a piece of kitchen roll before frying them in batches until golden.

5. After removing from the oil, place the crisps on kitchen roll to remove excess oil and then add salt, pepper and any other seasonings you fancy for flavour. 

6. Leave to cool for extra crunch when you bite into them.

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