Try our no-bake raw chocolate macaroon tart recipe

Indulge your sweet tooth without the sugar with this impressive no-bake dessert recipe.

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert recipe, we’ve got one of the most mouth-watering for you.

This tart doesn’t use flour, sugar or eggs – or even an oven - and instead includes dates, coconut, flax seed and yoghurt, sweetened with some agave syrup and deliciously dark chocolate.

Serves 10

Takes 25 minutes then 1 hour to chill


For the crust:

12 pitted Medjool dates
100g desiccated coconut
25g ground flax seed
20g unsweetened cocoa powder
1tbsp coconut oil, melted
Pinch of salt

For the filling:

200g 70% dark chocolate, chopped
500ml chocolate CO YO (coconut yoghurt)
3 tbsp agave syrup, or more if you prefer it sweeter

To decorate:

1 tbsp vanilla dairy-free yoghurt
2 tbsp toasted coconut flakes


1. Grease a 20cm springform tin and line the bottom with greaseproof paper. Put the dates in a food processor and blitz until finely chopped and stuck together in a ball. Add the rest of the crust ingredients and process again until everything is well chopped and becomes a crumbly mixture. Test the dough by pinching a little together to see if it sticks. If it crumbles add a little water and blitz again.

2. Tip the crust into the prepared tin and press to the edges and 4cm up the sides. Use a small glass with a piece of greaseproof underneath to press flat and compact. Chill in the freezer.

3. To make the filling put the chopped chocolate into a bowl over a pan of hot water and stir until melted. Remove from the heat and transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add the chocolate yoghurt, agave syrup and a pinch of salt to the bowl and mix together until completely combined and smooth.

4. Spoon the filling into the tart crust, level, then drizzle the additional vanilla yoghurt over the top. Use a skewer or tip of a knife to make a swirly pattern in the top of the tart.

5. Chill for 1hr or until firm. When ready to serve, carefully remove from the tin and transfer to a serving plate. Sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes and serve with some extra yoghurt.

6. If you haven’t brought the crust sides up quite far enough and have some filling left over, pop it into a couple of small glasses, keep in the freezer covered, and serve at a later date as little chocolate pots.

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