National Curry Week is an opportunity to honour one of India’s most famous cultural exports that England has become obsessed with.

For many people, curries are a treat when you eat out or order in. However, it is totally possible to make a great one at home, and chances are it’ll taste better than a takeaway.

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We asked the chefs at Anokha Indian in London show how to make the classically north Indian dish, Adraki Chilli Gosht.

“Adraki” means ginger and “Gosht” means tender meat, which in this recipe is lamb. First up you make the fiery curry paste, then add all of the fresh ingredients like spring onions and coriander

With fresh chilli, curry powder, naga pickle and various other hot spices, this is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Have some naan, rice and mango chutney on hand when you dig in…