A six-foot man who has strutted his stuff in stilettos for five-mile charity walks has promised to compete in a gruelling half-marathon this summer – in four-inch heels.

Kevin Cozens was inspired to slip into a pair of sling-backs after learning about an American charity which asks men to march in heels to raise awareness of domestic violence.

And he’s now in much better health after wearing heels eased his longstanding back pain and his wife thinks he actually prefers stilettoes to man shoes.

Man in heels - costume

Along with sponsored walks, the fundraiser has also donned ladies’ footwear to perform chores such as going to the grocers and dentists and once even wore heels for an entire month, all in the name of charity. 

Drag queens

Mr Cozens, from Swansea, took advice from drag queens to learn how to walk in his first pair – sky-high black stilettos with 7.5in heels.

The 50-year-old said: “I get blisters and odd looks but I keep going. When I wore them for a month I only took them off to drive, shower and sleep.

“I’ve actually found wearing high heels has helped my bad back. The pain just went.”

Man in heels - with wife

His wife, Wendy, said: “I’m beginning to think my husband might actually enjoy wearing high heels a little too much!

“Our friends and family think it’s hilarious and they’ve supported him in whatever he’s been doing.”

Tottering around the kitchen

Mr Cozens practices tottering around in heels by washing the dishes and making dinner for him and his wife of 11 years, who is in a wheelchair after surviving ovarian cancer.

Man in heels - pink heels

Before he hit 44, Mr Cozens, who is a carer for his wife, had never worn any item of clothing belonging to the opposite sex.

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